Friday, January 9, 2009

Jackson the Day Trader and Future Wall Street Baron

A quick one while Angie recuperates:

I usually make the boys school lunches (unless they get hot lunch but they are all so picky and for some reason the school doesn't offer pizza every day). This morning Jackson made his own lunch before I got up.

Christopher, sensing an opportunity, immediately alerted me that Jackson had not made a "normal" lunch. Here is the exchange:

Chris: Jackson, what did you pack in your lunch?

Jackson [confused by the question]: Nothing.

Christopher [running up to me]: He only packed cookies! He only packed cookies, He only packed cookies!

Chris [turning to Jackson]: What? How many cookies?

Jackson: 8.

Chris: [only sputtering noises came out of my mouth]

Jackson [very defensively]: What? Do you know what I can trade those for? I can have the best lunch in the school.

Sensing he was correct, I let it go. I admire his business acumen. Plus Angie was asleep so I couldn't get in trouble for letting him leave the house with a lunch consisting solely of 8 Oreo cookies.

I'm sure somewhere a mother or two or three lovingly packed some nice lunches that were all eaten by my son Jackson. It's not all a loss, though, as your son(s) and/or daughter(s) probably got a couple of Oreos out of the deal.

The street value of this pile of Oreos can only be calculated in an elementary school lunchroom:

Jackson's future employment:


Stephie said...

I love it!! I'll trade him all 8 oreos for whatever he wants right (it's an adjustable one!!) little sister??? (I've got a spare)

Pam said...

Now that is something my hubby would have done as a boy. It is a great life skill. Maybe I'll have him teach the other Cub Scouts about it before he moves out of my den....