Monday, June 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Okay- sister-in-law Michaele tagged me-so now you will all know how old I am.

What was I doing 20 yrs ago--1988?
--Graduating from high school-go tigers
--Starting classes at BYU--go Cougs
--Began my career in accounting

What was I doing 15 yrs ago--1993?
--Coming home from mission in England
--Married Chris.
--Started teaching at MTC.
--Changed my major from Accounting to History.

What was I doing 10 yrs ago-1998?
--Pregnant with Jackson
--Taking care of Chandler
--Working for the Church as an Accountant.
--Counting down the days until Chris finished Law School.

What was I doing 5 yrs ago-2003?
--Just move back from Germany.
--Loved living in NY
--Mom of Chandler, Jackson, and Christopher.
--Hanging out with the Christensens, Fillmores, and Judsons.
--Playing Catan 3 times a week.

What was I doing one year ago-2007?
--Getting ready for our trip to Scotland.
--Having Richins Kitchen Summer School with the boys and the Richins and Wickes.
--Deciding to go back to school.
--Spending a lot of time by the pool.

What was I doing yesterday?
--Spent the morning watching Euro 2008-go Spain.
--Taught Christopher's primary class.
--Watched Chris bake 9 dozen cookies- they were very good.
--Had a lovely Sunday dinner and went to bed at 8:45pm.

What did I do Today?
--Finished taking off the baseboards in our house.
--Sat in the kitchen studying while two men ripped up all of the carpet in our house.
--Went to Cameron's baseball game.

What am I going to do tomorrow?
--Summer movies with the boys and friends
--Watching our new floors get installed.
--Try and clean my house.

What am I going to do next year?
--Finish my class and hopefully 2 more.
--Enjoy time with my husband and boys
--Enjoy time with our amazing friends.

I guess I will tag-Kyle, Amy and Ruth.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

My sweet husband gave me a great birthday present. He gave me (us) ballroom dancing lessons. It has always been a dream of mine to take lessons together-but Chris has never wanted to. This year he decided to give me the dream and signed us up for lessons starting on Wednesday. I am so excite-he not so much. I think it was the best present. I know he is not very excited about it but he will endure for me. So thank you Chris for the best birthday present ever!!! I will of course report on how our lessons progress.:)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life Without a Cell Phone

So Chris started his new job on Monday (he is the General Council for a large company in Tempe). On Monday morning his old cell phone was turned off and his new blackberry is still on order. That means that he has gone 2 days without a cell phone. Now I know that I talk to my husband a little more than most wives (about 10 times a day) but it helps us stay in touch with each others day. Anyway, this has been a new experience. We only talked like 2 times on both days. I don't think Chris knows what to do without the cell phone and blackberry. He said he felt weird driving without a cell phone. I think it is now like a radio or seat belt. No driving allowed without it. We were laughing about this and remembering back to our college days and when we bought our first cell phone. Now they are an important part of our lives. If I forget mine-I always go back home to pick it up. Heaven forbid I should go a couple hours without contact. Anyway-last night we resurrected an old phone for Chris to take with him. He won't have a blackberry but at least he will be able to talk on the phone. All things are right in the world again.