Monday, March 30, 2009

Angie is in England!!

Angie is touring around England this week with some friends and I am attempting to manage the boys by myself. If you are a wife and giggling at the thought of your husband trying to do it all you may be on to something.

I am beginning to suspect that there is a lot more that goes on at home than I am aware of. Apparently there is no a meal fairy that cooks meals, or dishwasher fairy that emptys the dishwasher or homework fairy that tutors the boys through their homework. I think Angie may do some of that stuff!?!?!?

Little things have already stopped working right. Angie was gone less than one hour when I looked up at church and noticed our oldest passing the sacrament with white ankle socks underneath his suit pants. Clearly something that someone (Angie) would have noticed and fixed under normal circumstances!

This morning was our first school morning on our own. I had to make executive decisions about after school activities (yes), book reports (next week when your mother is back) and whether or not batting practice in the backyard could take the place of piano practice this week (yes again--sorry Angie!).

Luckily for me, I have low expectations of myself this week. I will consider the week a success if we can make it through the week with the boys wearing clean clothes to school every day and without starving one of the pets (goldfish or Shaggy the dog). I am going to give myself bonus points for anything else that gets done such as laundry, boys making it to scouts on time, boys playing less than 2 hours of Guitar Hero per day or us eating out no more than once per day.

So if you see my boys wearing the same clothes this week, you will know I have failed miserably and there is a good chance that one or more pets at our house needs to be replaced.

Thank you in advance for your prayers!!


Monday, March 9, 2009

A Busy Month

First I apologize for the lack of pictures. My laptop is broken and I am too lazy to transfer the pictures to my desktop.

We started the month off with a fun trip to Las Vegas for my nephews blessing. The boys loved playing with the Shaw boys and I loved holding baby Jacob. He is a beautiful baby.

Jackson turned 10 and had a fun birthday. For his party he wanted to have a nerf war. So we got some boxes and duct tape. The boys made forts and played steal the flag using their nerf guns. It was a fun but easy way to entertain the boys for a couple of hours.

We also finished up our basketball season. Christopher and Jackson both had a good time playing and Christopher was very happy to beat his scoring record from last year.

Chandler turned 12. I don't know how I feel about this but there was nothing I could do about it. He was very excited to turn 12, receive the priesthood, go camping with the scouts, and have his mormitzvah.

My parents came to Arizona for Chandlers big day. We were very happy to have them and keep trying to convince them that Arizona is a great place to retire. I was very happy to have them here. During their visit they got to see they boys pinewood derby, 2 basketball games, 2 baseball practices, Chandler's mormitzvah, a day of church and a nice Sunday dinner.

Chandler's mormitzvah is a fun little tradition that we have started. When a child turns 12 we have a little party and call it a mormitzvah. He had to do some fun things: feats of strength, a blind taste test, shave a balloon, recite 5 generations of his lineage, recite a Hebrew phrase and sing a song in German. He did great!!! We are really proud of who he is and the decisions he has made in his life.

February was exhausting and I am hoping that March will be a little calmer.