Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I miss summer....(vacations)

I ran across this picture of Christopher on our computer and it made me really antsy to be done with winter. I love how fun and carefree Christopher looks. It's hard to look like that in winter!

I know that Arizona has pretty mild winters and it is 1,000 degrees (Farhenheit, only 600 degrees celcius) in July, but summer has vacations and sneaky three day weekends that involve getting out of town.

That was all I had. Oh, and I took Chandler to the Suns game the other night and he got to high five Shaq, Nash, Amare and all the players. He was very excited.

I was a little surprised they handed out packs of cards to us when we walked in. I thought it would be normal playing cards but they were Suns Dancers cards! Can you believe they handed these out?

I had to get 3 packs just to make sure they are all the same inappropriate cards.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just a little update

I know- it's about time. It has been a month since our last update-but it seems like it was just a couple of weeks. I can't believe it is already February. Things are a little busy around here- but as always we cope. Jackson and Christopher are in the middle of basketball. Both are doing great. Christopher has improved about 1000%. He has some great coaches and they are very supportive.

Jackson always has to be doing something. This week he met with the principal of his school to try and start a new school club. He wants to start a "Green" club. He created the hand-out and he and his friend met with the principal to present their ideas for the after school club. I was very proud of his ingenuity.

Chandler is counting down the days until he turns 12. He is going on his last 11 year old camp out next week and he is very excited. He is preparing for his birthday and is really excited to receive the priesthood.

I am just trying to keep my planner updated and make sure I don't miss anything.