Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Month of August

August was such a fun month for the Miners. It started with the boys going back to school. That is always a good thing for Mom:). Chandler is in 7th, Jackson is in 5th and Christopher is in 4th. Will and I are spending lots of quality time together.

Chris participated in his first triathlon up in Show Low. He swam 25 laps, biked 12 miles and ran a 5k. I think he did great. We loved watching the race. Me and the boys sat on a hill by our hotel and watched him bike up this huge hill.

Chandler is loving 7th grade. He said it's really easy (luckily his grades are all A's). In his math class he has only missed one point so far. He also got his reading level tested. No surprise- he is reading at a 12th grader in his 9th month of school. I don't know where he gets his love of reading.

Jackson is loving 5th grade. His teacher is great and he is being really diligent in his homework. He also earned his Webelos badge this month. He worked really hard over the summer and earned almost all of the Activity badges. He only has 3 left.

Christopher is doing great in 4th grade. He is really getting older. He has also finally got the reading bug. He has been finishing a book a week since school started. I am so happy. I love our house full of readers.

Will is such a great baby. He was 14 lbs 1 oz at his two month check-up. He is also sleeping great. He is usually sleeping through the night which has been great for his "older" parents who were having a rough time with the multiple nighttime feedings. He is so cute and really talking up a storm now. The boys are amazing with him. We are very blessed that he is in our family.

Now that August is over- the craziness begins. Soccer every night and on Saturdays. I hope we are up for it :)!